Student Policies

Student Handbook

The primary concern of the University of Texas at Tyler University Academy is student safety and development.  The Student Handbook is designed to help students understand the academy’s expectations and the important role each student plays in their individual development.  In order to preserve a campus community that supports academic and social growth, students must be aware of the expectations and held accountable for their actions.  Enrollment in the academy requires each student to accept the Student Handbook and other applicable student policies.

We know that you share the University of Texas at Tyler University Academy’s goal for providing a safe school environment.  In order to help us reach that goal, we ask you to please read the Student Handbook and discuss with your child.

Code of Conduct

As required by state law, the board of trustees has officially adopted the Student Code of Conduct in order to promote a safe and orderly learning environment for every student.  This Code provides information to parents and students regarding standards of conduct, consequences of misconduct, and procedures for administering discipline.

We urge you to read this publication thoroughly and to discuss it with your family.  If you have any questions about the required conduct and consequences for misconduct, we encourage you to ask for an explanation from the student’s campus administrator.

CTE Programs


Section 25.085 of the Texas Education Code states that a child who is required to attend school under this section shall attend school each school day for the entire period the program of instruction is provided, unless exempted by law.

Students must be in attendance 90% of the school’s instructional days to receive course credit.  Read more about attendance requirements in this Attendance Information Sheet.

In order for us to properly record the reason for your child’s absence, we ask that you supply a note each time your student is not in session, this includes partial day absences as well.

Absences can be reported via email, but must be sent using an e-mail address on file for a parent/guardian.

Report an Absence for:



Internet Safety


Title IX

For more information or to make a complaint pertaining to Title IX, please contact:

Blake Bumbard
Title IX Coordinator
The University of Texas at Tyler
Office of Title IX
Phone: 903.565.5760