College and Career Advising

UNIVERSITY ACADEMY Student Career Mission:

At the UT Tyler University Academy, we understand that student career planning is a crucial component to promoting a college bound lifestyle. Our mission is to develop our students’ knowledge base and professional skills to be globally competitive. We intend to ensure that all of our graduates are capable and qualified to fulfill the rigorous demands at all levels of higher education including:

  • Providing a college prep curriculum template for all students
  • Providing career and goal setting tools, which encourages our students to explore their interests, strengths, and academic habits that enhance their marketability
  • Challenging each of our students to recognize college admission as a realistic goal
  • Encouraging students to understand how they can build upon their skills and create a support network that will help them reach their college goals
  • Helping students understand how to research and navigate the college application process and financing a college education
  • Providing each student the tools to build a professional and personal branding portfolio for college admissions and future employment

Middle School

High School

What is Career Counseling?

As a College Prep STEM Academy, we recognize that universities and employers are looking for dynamic students equipped with the critical skills needed to succeed in the jobs of tomorrow. Students today are facing what we call an “Aspirations Gap.” This is the difference between what students aspire to achieve and what they actually accomplish. While the vast majority of students today aspire to go on to college, few know what it takes to optimize their potential and reach their goals.

College and career readiness research has shown that developing key non-cognitive skills and college knowledge are critical for students to reach their goals. There are a number of factors that influence career development, including one’s personal interests, abilities, values, personality, as well as one’s family and academic background, and circumstances. Career development is a lifelong process. The goal of Career Counseling is to not only help students make the decisions they need to make now, but to provide them with the knowledge and skill-set needed to make future career and life decisions.

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